Alex Kolodziej - Workaholic


Alex Kolodziej - Workaholic

Alex Kolodziej, a German with Polish roots, now firmly based in Vienna, has been one of the most in-demand techno and house DJs in the Austrian capital since the early 2010s.

With a limited number of productions released to the public, Alex’s DJ sets have been the main avenue for others to hear his tracks. Now Alex has revealed a crucial three track single for the forTunea label.

Leading with “Workaholic”, the release quickly establishes a hallucinatory deep house vibe, thanks to the pulsing bass drone and enigmatic spoken vocal that open the track. Crisp percussion and building melodies develop throughout the dream-like affair without ever losing grasp of the dance floor.

“Slacker Attitude” gets into down-and-dirty territory, introducing a throbbing, funky bass line under the cut’s slinky tempo. Strange vocals pop in and out, and various treatments and tone splashes imply a covert operation in progress. Viennese DJ/producer Peletronic(Hungarian Hot Wax, Underluxe Records) provides a spacey remix of “Slacker Attitude" to close the single, showcasing strategically placed sonic hits and flourishes that compliment the steadily reverberating pad and insistent kick drum. Late night satisfaction guaranteed.

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