JR From Dallas - World House Collective LP


JR From Dallas - World House Collective LP

Early June will see the release JR From Dallas’ ‘World House Experience’ LP via Gourmand Music Recordings, comprising eight original compositions from the French artist.

JR From Dallas has been carving out his unique house sound for over a decade now releasing via the likes of Phil Weeks Robsoul Recordings, Forest Walker Records and of course his very own Gourmand Music Recordings. Over the years JR has picked up support from many leading names in the industry such as Mark Farina, Hector Moralez and Roger Sanchez, and here we see him back on his very own Gourmand Music with his second long player for the label.

Across the ‘World House Experience’ LP JR From Dallas showcases his diverse, energy fuelled house sound across eight original compositions, collaborating with some Gourmand Music regulars along the way such as DJ Lulu & DJ Gas, HateLate and Nouskynousk. JR radiantly displays his Hip Hop sampling sensibilities throughout the projects with cuts like ‘La Nuit Sombre’, ‘Gourmandise Jazz’ and ‘Watching’ fusing a wide spectrum of dusty drum hits, funk-infused sample licks and the signature MPC swing.

As the title of the album project would suggest there’s a broad range of house style’s on offer too like opening track ‘Funk Experience’ which lays down a filter house groove over, crunchy percussion and murky vocal murmurs. ‘Raw District’, ‘Wilo Town’ and ‘World Attack’ then bring a gritty edge to things via thundering bass tones, distorted rhythms and sweeping atmospherics. All in all JR From Dallas delivers a wonderful take on a classic meets contemporary house style across this long player.

JR From Dallas ‘World House Experience’ LP is out on Gourmand Music Recordings 6th June 2016.


1. JR From Dallas – Funk Experience (Original Mix)
2. JR From Dallas – Wilo Town (Original Mix)
3. JR From Dallas – La Nuit Sombre (Original Mix)
4. JR From Dallas – World Attack (Original Mix)
5. JR From Dallas & HateLate – Gourmandise Jazz (Original Mix)
6. JR From Dallas & Nouskynousk –  Watching (Original Mix)
7. JR From Dallas & DJ Lulu & DJ Gas – Japan Rhody (Original Mix)
8. JR From Dallas – Raw District (Original Mix)