YouNotUs & Willy William ‘Enchanté’ ft. Malik Harris & Minelli

YouNotUs & Willy William ‘Enchanté’ ft. Malik Harris & Minelli

Moving into the cool autumn breeze we a need a song that will keep us on our toes and because of YouNotUs, Willy William, Minelli, and Malik Harris we have been given ‘Enchanté’.

The intro is befitting of the track as the first line isEnchanté,’ perfectly introducing us into the minimalistic beginning, welcoming us in and catching our attention from the start. ‘Enchanté’ will make sure with its rising beat and high hats shining through going from the pre-chorus into the chorus to go ‘straight to [our] heart’.


The Chorus hits the ultimate peak with the booming bass line, the claps dispersed throughout and the dancing, warm vocal lines. The cymbals placements throughout will have you ‘seeing stars.’ ‘Enchanté’ will have you ‘falling in love’ with the upcoming autumnal weather as it keeps you warm, feeling like summer has not ended.




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