Zak and the New Men Drop New Single ‘Embers’

Zak and the New Men Drop New Single ‘Embers’

Emerging from South Wales, Alternative Pop Rock Band Zac and the New Men are proud to release their brand new single ‘Embers’. Kickstarting a new era for the band ‘Embers’ is a departure from the band’s usual upbeat and energetic style, with a more contemplative sound and introspective lyrics.

“Embers is a song that speaks to the feeling of being lost and alone, and searching for something to make you feel whole again. It’s a deeply personal song for all of us, and we hope that listeners can connect with it on their own level too. This song was a long time in the making for us. We wanted to capture the feeling of restlessness and frustration that comes with feeling like you’re going through the motions of life without any real direction. But we also wanted to leave room for hope and redemption.” –Vocalist, Zac.

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