1stNameQueen Drops Latest R&B Masterpiece ‘Call Me Up’

1stNameQueen Drops Latest R&B Masterpiece ‘Call Me Up’

A seductive slice of R&B, 1stNameQueen is moving slick with her latest single ‘Call Me Up’.

Using swirling synths and a steady beat, the rhythm allows her glorious vocals to elevate above the music, shaping a hazy melody that isn’t short of texture. With the sultry lyrics married perfectly to the music, 1stNameQueen details the inspiration behind the track, citing “‘Call Me Up’ is about those late night calls you get from guys, but from a woman’s perspective. A woman who knows her worth and knows what she wants and how she wants it.” 

The empowering song comes complete with a video, a glamorous peek into the world of 1stNameQueen that uses kaleidoscopic colours and film strips to create a vision that emulates the mood of ‘Call Me Up’ entirely. Born in Chicago, the singer-songwriter tells her stories through soul and blues influences, her previous singles ‘Heart’ and ‘Nostalgia’ both impressive offerings that have seen streams soar just shy of 100,000 each.

With an exciting year ahead for the artist, 1stNameQueen is set to reach dizzying heights with ‘Call Me Up’.



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