5 fantastic ideas to celebrate New Years


5 fantastic ideas to celebrate New Years

Finding new and exciting ventures to celebrate the New Year can be a challenge. Often one finds themselves getting stuck in the annual routine – doing the same (or similar) thing as the year before, with the same people, at a generic party or loitering at an uninspiring hangout. So while this prognosis may sound very defeatist, it’s often the truth for many people out there. 

Thus, in an effort to transform the drab and dreary routine that carries one into the New Year, below is a list of 5 great places to consider visiting to celebrate the New Year to break free:

1. Visit Greece and gamble yourself lucky at a casino

Greeks love gambling, and although it may seem like a bizarre concept to spend the New Year at a casino, it’s actually believed to bring luck in their culture. Apparently those that come out winners will have good luck throughout the year ahead. However, they don’t divulge too much on what the verdict is for those that aren’t so lucky.

The tradition may have its roots in something called ‘pita cutting’, where Greeks gather to cut a cake, and if they find a coin in their slice of cake, they will have good luck for the year ahead. 

2. Go to Vienna and watch the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic

What could be better than immersing oneself in the peaceful and relaxing ambiance created by orchestral sounds? The Vienna Philharmonic treats guests to magnificent interpretations that included pieces from the Strauss family, as well as renowned Austrian composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

The concert is broadcast on television to over 90 countries, and the Philharmonic provide their own interpretations of various masterpieces using instruments that include violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass and percussion. 

This New Year’s concert takes place at the Golden Hall, is conducted by Zubin Mehta and will feature compositions by Franz von Suppé, Johann Strauss, Jr., Josef Strauss, Eduard Strauss, Hans Christian Lumbye, Johann Strauss, sen. 

3. Dance your way down the Las Vegas Strip 

Las Vegas is a hugely popular destination over the New Year, and it’s not hard to see why – there’s so much to do, with nightclubs littering the streets of the Strip, and live music dominating Fremont Street. There’s also a fantastic display of fireworks that explode into the sky and light up the city. Crowds can revel in the vibey exploits, try their luck at any of the casinos, or forgo the land-based casinos in favour of online gambling and win big with Euro Palace instead. 

4. Delight in fireworks at the Thames in London 

Gather to watch the blazing lights in the night sky created by the fireworks display from the Victoria Embankment on the famous South Bank. Set against the city’s skyline, the New Year’s celebration is a splendid mess of colours and lights, bathing the surrounding areas in a sea of neon light and illuminating the city. The number of people that rock up are staggering – last year alone there were over 500,000 people who flocked to watch the display. 

5. Take to the streets in Ballito, South Africa 

This neon spectacle takes part on Durban’s North Coast. The partygoers break out their glow sticks and dace to electronic music while taking in the stunning Ballito coastline.