60 Seconds with… 2Mindstogether


60 Seconds with… 2Mindstogether

2Mindstogether are two well-known producers have come together to create a whole new blend of house & underground house, together they are 2MT!

2Mindstogether have teamed up with Josh Coakley featuring Vicky Jackson on vocals for the new deep house gem. ‘All Cried Out’ coming out via Somn’thing Records.

It is a pleasure for us to exchange some thoughts with you. To get things started can you give us an insight on your musical background on how you got involved electronic music?

2MT: To be honest it started off with me really liking the old Calvin Harris stuff, more of the nu-disco 90’s style he used to make.

We really enjoyed your vocal tech style, especially on the new single ‘All Cried Out’. Are there any artists that inspired you to take this direction?

2MT: Yes I really loved the Sonny Fodera style on Defected that's where the initial ideas came from for the song.

The release features Vicky Jackson on vocals. What was the process to select each artist to feature on the track?

2MT: Damon had currently worked with Vicky before so he saw fit to feature her on this track, so together with Vicky it just worked.

What are other producers catching your eye at moment?

2MT: We really like the style of Solardo and again Sonny Fodera and what are doing is trying to gain a sound in between the both of them.

As a resident of Sheffield, how does the scene compare to other cities around the country like London or Manchester?

2MT: Sheffield, to be honest, is not the best scene for our kind of music, most the music is all bass line orientated in Sheffield.

What would be your advice to those who are planning on starting an electronic music career?

2MT: My advice would be to believe in an artist and try use that artist as an inspiration to make your own sound based on the idea.

You play all around the UK/world. Where do feel more comfortable playing and why?

2MT: Playing all over the world is great and there are some amazing clubs and venues but I'm always at home in Ibiza.

Can you give us some insight on any new productions you’re working on?

2MT: Currently working on several productions on my Damon Hess side but also me and Maff Boothroyd are working on several new baby's on 2MT.

If you ever find time to unwind, what do you like to hear?

2MT: Believe it or not I love to listen to rock music

What would be your favourite track rotation?

2MT: Swedish house mafia- Don't Worry Child 

2Mindstogether v Josh Coakley feat. Vicky Jackson ‘All Cried Out’ is out now on Somn’thing Records.


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