7 Tips to win at Online Slots


7 Tips to win at Online Slots

People tend to play slot games at the likes of www.cozino.com and consider that everything is dependent on luck. That’s partly true of course, but there are so many different things that can boost one’s possibilities to win.

In this article I will mention a number of different tips that experts say that have helped them win big in the past, which could potentially prove useful to you as well.

Know your Game

There is such a huge variety of online slot games available on different websites that players may feel like trying a new one each time they are playing. However, it is very important to know how many paylines your slot machine has, which symbols you need to match and whether there are any jackpots available.

Use Bonuses

Why not start your game by some free money, which can also help you identify the slot game that is most appropriate for you? However, keep in mind that in order to withdraw the money you have won, there are certain wagering requirements that have to be met.

Set a target

If you fail to set a specific amount that you want to win or spent it is not likely that you will ever leave the casino as a winner. However, if money is not your main concern then you could set a certain number of hours that you want to play.

If it payed big it won’t pay again

This is a common misconception amongst players. When a machine pays a big amount of money, players tend to stop playing on it and try to find a different one. However, this is far from reality, since each slot machine has a random number generator, which ensures that each spin carries equal chances to offer a win or a loss with the previous one.

Do not leave a machine if it doesn’t pay

If you have spent a considerable amount of money on a slot machine, leaving abruptly may not be the wisest thing to do. First, you should count your odds and how much money is your end goal in order to fully consider whether you should keep playing. Since each slot machine has a specific RTP, there may be more chances to win your money back from the same machine rather than another one.

Mood Matters

Gambling is always better when you are happy and not have many things in mind; if you are playing due to excitement or to get a certain amount of money back to cover your previous losses you are not likely to win.


As did traditional casinos, online casinos often offer their loyal players special discounts, events or freebies to entertain them. It is important that you check their newsletters and follow their social media accounts to stay on top of these and make the most out of them.

Have Fun

There is not a 100% successful strategy for winning in a casino, since this would result in the industry’s shut down. However, the above could help players keep their balance and truly enjoy what online casinos have to offer.