Digitaline - A Journey To The Stars


Digitaline - A Journey To The Stars

The Lausanne-Berlin connection Digitaline continues with Laurent Bovey at the wheel. Already turning heads with his recent works, he’s been breathing new life into the old project originally started many years ago with friend Gregorythme.

Take a listen to his 2 track EP on Get Physical, A Journey to The Stars. In it, Digitaline creates a wonderfully tense atmosphere, thanks to a shifty synth that roams the track, driven by a solid and straightforward percussive force peppered with a few surprises.

‘Sunrise’ then takes us on another great journey through a lovely tech house landscape a classic approach that is brilliantly executed. It’s not hard to wonder why we fell in love with Digitaline in the first place; with a confident hand on the controls and a vast knowledge of the music they create, they prove themselves time and time again.

Beatport: August, 26th 2016
iTunes: September, 09th 2016