Adara – Expose


Adara – Expose

Fresh off her number one spot on Beatport for her feature on the lead single from acclaimed Armada producer Shogun’s album “Dragon,” multi-faceted artist Adara has been quickly garnering recognition for her exceptional contributions to electronica/EDM. Feeding the momentum, Adara’s second solo single “Expose” is out now on iTunes and Spotify via Archipelago Entertainment.

“Expose” is a breath of fresh air during the darker winter days, combining Adara’s addicting vocals with fun, high-energy progressive house. Adara describes her inspiration for the track, stating, “Expose is about vulnerability. It’s about stripping away your fears and letting another person see you completely, even inside the shadows and forgotten corners of your heart. Being exposed like that can be beautifully thrilling and wonderful, but the other person also knows the parts of yourself that can hurt you the most. It’s about that decision to join your souls, feel the rush of energy, and FINALLY let someone in.”

Adara is generating buzz in the electronic music biz as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, dancer, and budding fashionista. Coming from an acoustic pop background, she brings true musicality to each song with the ability to connect with her fans through her storytelling. Currently splitting her time between Nashville and Atlanta, Adara originally hails from Denver, Colorado, where she gained a deep appreciation for our wondrous planet. It was there, in the heart of the Rockies, that she became a dedicated advocate for world conservation and discovered the natural marvels of life. Her fusion of talent and tremendous passion for music, fashion and the environment creates a rare blend of unique vocals, flawless production and new age trends.

Three-time Grammy winning mix engineer Phil Tan has already named Adara as “definitely one to watch for,” stating that her “voice and sound is fresh and exciting.” So join her on her journey and prepare for an experience as Adara shoots into 2015 as EDM’s next leading lady.