Agoria release Rinse FM Mix


Agoria release Rinse FM Mix

This new Agoria Rinse FM show was recorded while in London prior to Plastic People performance 8th June 13.

Check soundcloud for his new live mix from Verboten New York 

Agoria RINSE FM 2013 06 08 by AGORIA

Le Sucre, a new club in association with Nuits Sonores (of which Agoria is co-founder) in his home town of Lyon is set to open over summer 2013. Agoria and Laurent Garnier have worked together with the cultural ministry and various parties to create a special rooftop venue that marks the maturity of France’s electronic music scene. 

One year ago, Courrèges Music appointed Agoria as their artistic director and now he provides the soundtrack for their first music CD. The selection features internationally renowned artists who are part of Courrèges Music history, such as David Lynch, Agoria himself, Four Tet, Rone, Mohini Geisweiller and Marie Madeleine. 

Listen to the compilation:

Sélection COURREGES MUSIC (Teaser) by Courreges Music 

Agoria Tour Dates

22/06 — FORMS, Bruxelles

28/06 — FORMS, Solidays, Paris

29/06 — FORMS, Rock island, Marseille

30/06 — We love Space, ibiza

06/07 — Astropolis, Brest

09/07 — Le Sucre, Lyon

14/07 — FORMS, Musilac, Aix les Bains

18/07 — Francofolies, Spa

20/07 — Butten Westen Festival, Westerpark Amsterdam (day)

20/07 — Fuse on the Beach, Brussels (night)

25/07 — MEG, Montreal

26/07 — Miami

27/07 — Stage One, New York

04/08 — FORMS, Nuits Secretes, France

09/08 — Neopop Festival, Portugal

11/08 — We love space, Ibiza

22/08 — HI Beach, Nice

23/08 — Flying Circus, Sankeys, Ibiza

24/08 — Budapest tbc

28/08 — Pratersauna, Vienne

01/09 — Munich

08/09 — Picnick Electronik, Barcelona

08/09 — We love Space, ibiza

14/09 — Wire festival, Tokyo

18/09 — Full moon party, Shangaï tbc

19/09 — Full moon party, Beijing tbc

27/09 — Drift, Nijmegen

29/09 — We love Space, Ibiza

18/10 — ADE, Melkweg, Amsterdam