ON1Y - Airplane Mode


ON1Y - Airplane Mode

Making a grand entry to the dance music sphere, enigmatic Swedish production group ON1Y deliver their debut single, ‘Airplane Mode’ – out now via Cosmos Music.

Inspired by our generation’s prevalent mobile phone addiction, ON1Y created ‘Airplane Mode’, cleverly taking the lyrics and juxtaposing their weighted meaning with a catchy, bop-inducing groove. Featuring a silky vocal piece and an undeniably catchy melody, ‘Airplane Mode’ is primed to be a summer anthem. At first listen, ‘Airplane Mode’ may simply sound like a feel-good track, but what sets it apart is how it advocates for a world where everyone can turn on airplane mode and allow themselves to be fully present.

ON1Y is the latest addition to the diverse roster of clients on Scandinavian label Cosmos Music. With a shared passion for music production, the Swedish outfit have joined forces to release upbeat creations with a deeper meaning. With a poignant music video to accompany the track, the future is looking bright for these talented producers.

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