Dylan C. Greene on the launch of his new label C3DO Recordings

Dylan C. Greene on the launch of his new label C3DO Recordings

Dylan C. Greene, a Dutch-American DJ and producer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is at the forefront of the house music scene. His work captures a blend of energy and nostalgia, likened to a fusion between Daft Punk’s gritty beats and the soulful essence of a classic disco single. Greene’s remix of Disclosure’s “Never Enough” marked a significant debut, showcasing his ability to intertwine deep house grooves with an infectious melody. His collaborations extend to notable tracks such as “Gone Too Late” with 3kelves and We Are Neurotic, and “Bridesmaids,” both under the banner of True Romance Records, highlighting his versatility and innovation in electronic music.

In addition to his remixes and collaborations, Greene recently co-founded C3DO Recordings, a label that signifies his commitment to the evolving landscape of disco and house music.

Your remix of Disclosure’s “Never Enough” marked a significant moment in your career. Can you walk us through how this opportunity came about and what it meant to you?

Absolutely. During the pandemic, Disclosure started hosting weekly remix competitions online. I started participating in them and fairly quickly started getting top 3 prizes, but I never won one. At the end of the year, they hosted a Winner’s Circle competition, of which the grand prize was to get the opportunity to do a remix for them. I went up against all these extremely talented remixers and was shocked when Disclosure picked mine for the top spot.

Tell us a bit about your new single Fool Me. How does this fit into your discography in terms of style? 

It’s definitely the most ‘house forward’ record I’ve put out. It’s also the first one that’s not a collaboration or remix, it’s just me. The track is mainly inspired by Gran Turismo. I’ve always loved old racing games and played them a lot as a kid. I vividly remember the music in that game and mix of Japanese jazz-fusion and vibey electronic music on the soundtrack. Not a lot of house music though, so I was inspired to make something in a similar lane, but driven more by a house groove.

The launch of C3DO Recordings is a significant milestone in your career. What motivated you to start your own label, and what vision do you have for it in the electronic music landscape?

Basically, we we’re done with waiting on other labels, and wanted more control on how and when we put stuff out. We have so much good music and we feel like the bureaucracy of dealing with other labels was slowing down our output so much that we wanted a platform to just put out whatever we want, whenever we want. We also want our stuff to sonically stand out. Playful and different, and not afraid to stray away from your typical dance music formulas.

Being dubbed a “citizen of the internet,” how do you leverage online platforms for creativity and connecting with your audience?

Honestly a lot of artists complain about the fact that they have to use social media and other platforms to market themselves. And rightfully so, not everyone who makes music is also interested in making videos or talking to camera or learning about marketing. But I also enjoy being creative in those fields and see those platforms as just another outlet. It’s unfortunate that a lot of the work goes unrecognized nowadays with the algorithms shifting so quickly, but that’s part of the game.

Your discography showcases a range of styles and collaborations, from “Gone Too Late” to remixes for LION BABE. How do you choose your projects, and what draws you to collaborate with certain artists?

Honestly, I’m much better at collaborating then making music on my own. It’s also the reason I love making remixes. If I make something fully by myself, I will usually become way too overcritical. When I’m working with someone else or doing a remix I tend to feel more accepting of the process and usually the results end up being better because of it. I started working with 3kelves because we have very similar tastes, and I feel that’s the most important thing when collaborating.

Looking forward, what can fans expect from Dylan C. Greene in the upcoming year? Are there any new directions or projects you’re particularly excited about?

Well, we will be putting out monthly singles on C3DO, so keep an eye out for that. I might also have a view release with some other unnamed labels. Other than that, we are currently playing shows in NYC and San Francisco, as well as in Europe during the summer.

Fool Me is out now on C3DO Recordings

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