AL/SO Drops Debut EP on Korsakov

AL/SO Drops Debut EP on Korsakov

Korsakov Music bossman AL/SO awakes from an 18 month covid hibernation. Surveying the rubble of the reality, he winces painfully and looks into his cave wondering what the hell happened. A guitar smashed to pieces. Notepads torn to shreds like confetti. Smashed bottles everywhere. Three laptops burnt to cinders, another one smouldering in the corner. In the centre on the floor is a rusted USB key with three words written in blood on it. Debut solo EP. 

Suddenly it all comes flashing back. At some point, at some time, deep in the fug of pandemic pandemonium, he’d written the release of his life so far: ‘Toaster Bath’ – an electrifying four-track trip that will leave you under no illusion as to what this young Dutchman is all about musically. At points volatile, at other points so switch-flippingly brazen you’ll be wincing painfully at reality yourself, each of these cuts represent AL/SO’s many beast modes. The curmudgeonly dancefloor fireworks of ‘Cantankerous’, the belly-flopping bass and sinister sizzles and crackles of the deadly ‘Toaster Bath’, the truly epic metal-fused Maiden voyage that is ‘Brace Yourself’ (with Tom Vernon and Gid Sedgwick) and the seismic, plate-shifting finale ‘Earthquake’ (with Holdem)  

Each track riddled with drama, humour and acute levels of ADHD, this is a whole new level for AL/SO. Following titanium collaborations with the likes of Akov, High Maintenance and Sovryn, ‘Cantankerous’ is his most accomplished and personal to date. And judging by the mess he made in that cave, plenty more volatile switch-flips will follow very soon…



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