ALAIAS share their debut LP ‘Music For An Imaginary Surf Film’

ALAIAS share their debut LP ‘Music For An Imaginary Surf Film’

Born from a love of both surfing and musical improvisation, Bristolian trio ALAIAS share their debut LP ‘Music For An Imaginary Surf Film’, splashed with salty synth melodies and ambient electronic rhythms.

Incorporating groovy 60s rhythms and contemporary jazz orchestration, the album is a sun drenched audio adventure inspired by numerous surf movie soundtracks. From the woozy guitar riffs and fuzzy Moog bass of lead single ‘Stranger Coasts’, to the harmonic Hammond organ on ‘Handy Cam’, ‘Music For An Imaginary Surf Film’ is an underwater fantasy. With elements of post-rock, punk-jazz and ambient psychedelia, ALAIS’s original scoring belongs to the sea, rippling languidly in the saltwater shallows.

“We’ve all sat on a beach squinting at a pod of surfers performing seemingly effortless acrobatics. ‘I wonder what that feels like’ we think to ourselves. Listening to this music with your eyes closed might go some way to answering that question” the group recount.

Brainchild of Dan Messore, the trio consists of Messore on guitar, organ and synth player Dan Moore and drummer Matt Brown. Meeting in Bristol, the collective quickly found common ground with a shared passion for jazz and electronic experimentation. Drawing inspiration from the rich rock traditions of Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell and John Fahey, the trio are constantly voyaging into new musical territory with their surprising compositions and thrillingly eclectic soundscapes.

‘Music For An Imaginary Surf Film’ was written as the name suggests – plunging the listener into the gentle currents of the glittering ocean tides.



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