Ali Jamieson - Ali Jamieson – Coffee Stain


Ali Jamieson - Ali Jamieson – Coffee Stain

Start your summer in smooth style with electronic rumors’ latest release; this one comes from Nu-Disco renaissance man Ali Jamieson. The London based musician has teamed up with soul singer Raff to offer up one of this year’s most buoyant slices of synth driven Funk.

Riding the wave of a rubbery bassline, Coffee Stain serves up a symphony of complex percussion, starlight melodies and densely layered retro sounds; all tied together with an unrelenting vintage dancefloor groove. Add to this Raff’s bittersweet vocal delivery and you have a track to just sink into and ride the rhythm.

Coffee Stain is given a twist for every crate by Black Magic Disco, Ben Macklin and Tommy ’86. BMD breaks out in full Chicago House style for his gloriously early-90s taken on the track; Macklin blends his Tropical House style with an early-90s R&B flavour on his slinky reMix and Tommy ’86 lives up to his name with a pounding retro Italo-Disco epic.

Infectious as hell, Coffee Stain will be stuck in your head all day.