Alixander III - Alixander III – Heavy Friends II EP


Alixander III - Alixander III – Heavy Friends II EP

Following Azari & III’s final split and last performance in 2014, the former band member and producer Alixander III returns to the Toy Tonics Label.

Similar to his debut on the Berlin based label, his latest release touches on raw and at times heavy machine driven funk. It’s techno – but with a welcome dose of soul. During his time with Azari & III, he has been responsible for some of the most seminal underground anthems of the past few years not to mention developing a reputation for intoxicating live performance.

“Heavy Friends 2” is a 4-track collaborative endevour featuring guest vocalists and studio producers from his hometown of Toronto, Canada. A tight package of vintage, old school, soulful techno inspired by the motor city,  Detroit.

Bulging with hooks and unusual textures; a vast soufflé of bittersweet melancholy.
Toy Tonics latest 12″ sees him establish a polished yet irreverent new statement; carefully congealing the far-reaching influences and intricate techniques that have defined Alixander’s work to date.
‘Heavy Friends Pt II’ will be released on September 14th through Toy Tonics.