ALPHAMAMA’s New Single ‘SKIN’ Establishes A Feminist Church Worshiping Sex & Music

ALPHAMAMA’s New Single ‘SKIN’ Establishes A Feminist Church Worshiping Sex & Music

Hot off the back of her “Remember” Tour curated for her super fans (cult-like devotees), ALPHAMAMA returns in 2020 with the moisture turned up. 

Her new single ‘SKIN’ is a sweaty dance floor mess of self pleasure and unapologetic sexuality. 

Co-written with Aleks Mikic of Sydney’s infamous party band, The Regime, the message is clear. ALPHAMAMA wants us to take back our sex. 

Addressing internet censorship and slut shaming with her signature sass. Stepping into this new identity of preacher-cum-cultleader, she’s serving the gospel of self-love with this pleasure anthem.

In her own words, So much of my social media content gets flagged and censored because it’s deemed too inappropriate and it infuriates me because violence and despair isn’t censored. So much of what we’re fed through the media makes the world seem dangerous and keeps our nervous systems on high alert. Our social taboos are so backwards. Shame and fear keep us disconnected. I want to change that.”

“I feel like it’s part of my role to talk about it openly, not just to “be sexy” for the male gaze or to sell a product. But to actually show what it looks like to own your body, your sexuality and your own pleasure. As an act of self love. As an act of rebellion. As a revolutionary step toward freedom. Pleasure is our birthright” 

It’s not a gimmick though, she really is starting a spiritual movement. Church of The Goddess is her ever growing movement of witches, priestesses, queerfolk (basically everyone the old church hates) who call themselves sluts for God. She presented her last tour as a Devotional Art Experience combining music, ceremony and cathartic process. Not surprising – ALPHAMAMA grew up as a preacher’s kid, playing music in her father’s Indonesian Pentecostal church.

“Church of The Goddess is a place where we can reconnect to our Spiritual nature through music and feeling. It’s a place where all of us is welcomed home,” ALPHAMAMA explains.

Renowned for her unwavering devotion to self love, she pours honey on the wounds of the spirit, and fuel on the fire of the heart. She invites you into deep intimacy with Life through her signature blend of R&B, Soul and Hip Hop.

ALPHAMAMA stands for women, beauty and full self-expression. A powerful priestess of the feminine, she embodies the magic that happens when fierceness and vulnerability harmonise. 

Fresh and ancient, her live shows push the boundaries of the music industry and invite rare, memorable, interactive moments with her audience. ALPHAMAMA has also recently recorded a 17 track album in New Orleans titled ‘HoneyFire,’ set for release in 2020. 



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