KNOE Bares All On Sleek New Single ‘Down’

KNOE Bares All On Sleek New Single ‘Down’

Drawing you in with its smooth and sensual vibe, KNOE returns with ‘Down,’ true to its title, a letter to the lost, a message to the listener and a purge of sadness.

Opening with a soft, beautiful and affecting tempo, ‘Down’ stemmed from a personal reminiscence of a good friend of KNOE who sadly passed from accidental death.

A sharp contrast to KNOE’s usually vicious lyricism, the single is an introspective analysis of the loneliness you feel when you’re drowning in your own thoughts. The rapper goes on to say that his friend’s death brought mix emotions filled with regret, hopelessness and in the end an epiphany.

“The passing of people close to you, whilst battling with my own dark thoughts pushed me in a place, that to me is beautiful, of honesty and real-self,”

“I want people to feel pain and experience happiness – a confusing mix of emotions that I think truly embodies how one feels when they are down. I want my lyrics to make you think and the music to make you smile,”

Over a jazzy vibe, energised by the electric saxophone and thumping subase, KNOE bares an emotionally pure yet metaphorically strong song that safely carries the usual smoothness that we have grown to expect from the rapper.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed EP ‘Reasons’ and a 13 show Australian tour with hip hop royalty Drapht in late 2019, Perth rapper KNOE is back with his first single of 2020. The single sets the tone of his upcoming EP ‘Burgundy Love’ which is set to drop in April. The EP will bring forth a statement of intent as KNOE breaks through as an artist who consistently etches his name on the wall of music fame.  

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