Ami Saint drop their LP We Are Origami Pt. 1

Ami Saint drop their LP We Are Origami Pt. 1

Release Date – 20.09.19

Our debut album is called “We Are Origami, Pt. 1” and all songs are loosely based on the idea that every situation in our life, every person we meet, social media we let ourselves being swallowed into and all our surroundings shape us as they please and make tiny bends and rips in our personality and mental state. This is a very lyrical album, focusing on emotional aspects more than musical.

It’s 9 tracks in variety of electronic music styles, we even put some growling in a track that was supposed to be rap to spice things up for you. There are duets, there are twists, but most importantly, there is KALIMBA! Enjoy and help us figure out which genre we fit in, because we’re dying of this uncertainty and lack of label.

Artist Quote: “Our first album is an interesting experiment, because it all started with a hundred instrumentals that Steve sent me to sift through. These came from different stages of his musical journey. I picked around 15 and they immediately clicked with the words, melodies and the general theme. Because the music was not originally created recently (besides Ethereal which I composed quite late) it has a certain feeling of being lost in time. It does not belong to the landscape.”

We Are Origami Pt. 1 by Ami-Saint

Release Track list:
1. Origami Yearning Life
2. Ethereal
3. Digiphrenia
4. Mirror
5. Pig that Glows in the Dark
6. Longing
7. Need You
8. Puzzled
9. Skyline



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