An Introduction To Your New Favorite Singer: Bemendé

An Introduction To Your New Favorite Singer: Bemendé

With so many R&B acts on the music scene today, it can be tedious to find the best ones. Especially as it pertains to newer acts. One of my favorites right now is without a doubt Bemendé. She has been steadily working in the London music scene since 2017. Her EP, ‘FTSH,’ just dropped on August 1st and it is a glorious example of an artist who knows exactly who she is and what she is doing with her talent.

Her EP delivers four beautifully written tracks that compose a truly enjoyable listening experience. The production quality is fantastic and compliments Bemendé’s vocals without masking or overpowering them. She delivers four incredible vocal performances that accentuate the separate emotions of each song with great dexterity. That is what pushes Bemendé beyond just being a gifted vocalist into being a consummate artist. The ability to push her instrument beyond mere vocal deliveries and into the realm of emotional storytelling is a talent that must not be overlooked and cannot be overstated. It is what makes her one of my absolute favorites. ‘FTSH’ is out now and waiting to bless you with its enchanting production and dazzle you with its vocal passages. Bemendé is an artist you need to get into now so you can grow with her as an artist and performer.

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