Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani – The Seventh Seal


Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani – The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal EP by Ange Siddhar and Illan Nicciani, it’s sinonymous Chicago. If we close our eyes we can find ourselves in the best Chicago tradition.

Frankie Knuckles presence is felt on every bass line , the EP transforms into a beautiful homage to classic Chicago House. It’s clear that Ange Siddhar and Illan Nicciani are preparing for their US Tour in the coming months. They take elements from pure american culture and music, and applied the best French Touch.

From hip-hop samples and vocals, to jazz inspired keyboards, it becomes an intemporal EP. On this release Ange Siddhar and Illan Nicciani make house music look deceptively simple, touching different producing techniques and styles, we would think there are more than 2. They humbly start by the origins, Hip-Hop changed the rhythms we were used to hear, and One For The Treble is a sampled perfectly which demonstrates their respect and knowledge of Hip-Hop roots.

Sun + Fresh drink + Garden Party and the whole neighborhood will be pumping. Chicago is the berth, Chicago, is heritage, the past and the future, no producer escapes chicago, the chancing rythms, the vocals calling that devilish part of you, the beat that makes you energetic, “Chicago 2009” is chicago. The Seventh Seal, just seals the EP with a bang.

This is as intemporal as it gets, it could’ve been played 20 years ago as 20 years from now, and the dancefloor would be on fire. The party is officially on, and there is nothing to stop the rhythm.’