Ann King Releases A Beautiful New EP ‘Fake Flowers’

Ann King Releases A Beautiful New EP ‘Fake Flowers’

Following the release of her emotive single ‘ILY’, singer song-writer Ann King leads us through the labyrinth life can be: finding the way out of heart-break, landing on empowerment and going all the way to resistance with her latest EP ‘Fake Flowers’. Embracing every season she has been through, Ann gives us music to go through our own maze.

The story behind the EP starts at a waiting room where a burnt-out Ann found herself. Her thoughts were wild trying to escape an unavoidable dreadful therapy session. Her eyes transcended on a vase, her heart sunk at the thought of how fake the flowers were there, and how everything else didn’t feel real. Everything was not OK and the singer realised she did not want to pretend anymore. Providing inspiration behind her latest EP, ‘Fake Flowers’, a quest for meaning and acceptance.

In Ann’s own words, “Life can really suck sometimes but it’s better to feel the pain than to leave it all bottled up. I really learned it the hard way but it’s okay to ask for help and be vulnerable, it doesn’t make you weak.”

Carefully crafted, the album goes knee-deep into smooth R&B making us feel the bitterness of break-ups, followed by ballads to soothe the soul, a dash of pop to renew the desire to take chances and country music to lift spirits. The EP showcases varying styles that dictate the eclectic nature of life and genuine lyrics that keep it real.

Ann has had the strength to open up and thanks to that, we all feel less lonely going through this daunting experience called life. “I have never released music that is so personal and honest, it makes me feel really vulnerable. I really hope my music can touch someone’s heart and help them in a way.”

After giving her first steps in the industry in her home country the Netherlands, Ann King is re-shaping her music. She has left behind ANEMARY, her artistic name for years, and decided to start a new, raw and challenging path as herself, Ann King. ‘Fake Flowers’ comes to consolidate that decision.




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