April & The Drift release brand new track ‘Souls Of Music’

April & The Drift release brand new track ‘Souls Of Music’

April & The Drift has released a brand new track entitled, ‘Souls Of Music’. The Australian duo use brooding guitar riffs, breezy percussion and a subdued melody to allow April’s serene vocals to capture the essence of the song. The band’s modern take on bohemian flair is a breath of fresh air, and organic production quality exhibits their natural talent.

When speaking about the track, the group said: It is about how I believe that there is a binding life source (the soul) within us all that interconnects us all as humans ~ no matter our genetic footprint and the place we come from. Also, it is about how I think especially in these times, and in this system, where it can be easy to lose track of who you are as a person or find the time to ever figure it out, how I believe only music can really get us back on track onto a better direction into the future as a human race.”

Having gained success with their previous releases such as ‘In A Prayer’ and ‘Old Bails Road’, April & The Drift are determined to bring their free-spirited style into the limelight, and ‘Souls Of Music’ is bound to set them up for an exciting start to the year. 

Listen to the full track below:



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