Vicetone - Astronomia


Vicetone - Astronomia

Ever the champions of unsung and lesser-known talent, disco:wax are finally set to unleash unknown Russian bedroom producer Tony Igy’s criminally unreleased gemAstronomia next month, complete with an absolutely killer reworking from Vicetone.

Originally uploaded to YouTube in, 2014, the track has become a cult hit on the platform, racking up over 15 million plays across its various guises. Led by a super-juicy, pitch-bending synth melody, the track fuses a tribal percussive shuffle with a succinct but phat bassline to create a seriously joyous groove. A darker section takes pulsing bass and filtered arpeggios and pads to create some serious tension before the main riff teases back in. A half-time, dubstep section follows, breaking the track up in majestic style and showing that Igy’s not short on ideas.

Vicetone’s Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool always loved the original track and brought it up to date in their own inimitable style, creating a new version that added some big reverb, more contemporary rhythmic elements, a guitar-flecked breakdown, a super-charged build and a big trance lead backing up the distinctive riff. It’s respectful to the charms of the original and packs a hell of a punch.

What have the reactions been like when Vicetone have road-tested their version? “Absolutely unreal” the duo beam. “The simplicity of the melody and the production make it hit so damn hard in the clubs and on big festival systems. The reactions we've gotten when playing this track have been unbelievable. It's always one of the highlights of our sets.”