Barrett Showcase Compelling Debut EP ‘Quit Dreaming’

Barrett Showcase Compelling Debut EP ‘Quit Dreaming’


Barrett are a female-fronted alternative band hailing from Nashville. The band, which consists of guitarist Declan Nelligan, guitarist Matt Rock, drummer/producer Alex Murphy, and singer Addi Barrett, takes great pride in putting what they call “skatepark pop” on your ears.


The band have released their debut EP, Quit Dreaming. The quartet wrote, arranged, and recorded this compilation of tracks themselves. The four tracks fuse elements of alternative rock and pop-punk, bringing together precise rhythms and the inventiveness of various soundscapes. With intriguing sounds and captivating vocal notes, the EP transcends genre barriers and compels listeners to dance.


Barrett’s debut EP, Quit Dreaming, is as much a declaration of resolve as it is a celebration of perseverance. The whole record was recorded at Alex Murphy’s home studio, a testament to the band’s unwillingness to bow to the pressures of an industry that often prizes consistency above creativity. Above all, the band strives to produce a sound that is fun to be a part of, while still being both nostalgic and new. This initiative is the band members’ attempt to rediscover what first captivated them all to music. Their music is a combination of quiet and gritty, including elements of bands like Paramore and The Killers.

Barrett comments on the EP release, “‘Quit Dreaming’ is about redefining pop/punk for a new home-studio generation. With this project, we want to launch a new wave of early 2000’s nostalgia. We hope that these songs grab the hand of Gen-Z-ers journeying through adulthood.”



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