Sid Dorey Share Debut EP “Drama in Doses”

Sid Dorey Share Debut EP “Drama in Doses”

Sid Dorey, Indie Pop sensation known for their genuine and bold storytelling, finally released their debut EP, Drama in Doses. Sid’s music celebrates queer identity and personal experiences, reflecting their journey from Florida to Nashville.

With a background in musical theater, Sid’s expressive style shines in this collection of songs exploring heartbreak, self-destructive behavior, and family and religious trauma. The EP was born from Sid’s need to process significant life changes, including their father’s coming out and their own top surgery.

“Each track is a dose of drama, a way to navigate and understand my life,” Sid explains. The title track, “Drama in Doses,” encapsulates the EP’s raw emotion and resilience.

Following the success of singles like “Alien Party” and “Family Reunion”, the EP has secured Sid placements on major Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal playlists, including the cover of Spotify’s Next Gen Singer-Songwriters.

Drama in Doses promises to resonate deeply, offering solace and connection through its heartfelt narratives.

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