Bellavoid – Futurism Vol 1


Bellavoid – Futurism Vol 1

Toolroom Records is delighted to introduce the first in a series of EPs from new rising star Bellavoid with the enigmatic ‘Futurism Vol 1’. 

As the dance music scene continues to take over the world, Bellavoid has stepped out from the shadows with the sole intention of pushing the underground sound into the future. A champion of the underground scene, Bellavoid takes the past and present sounds of electronic dance music and combines them with his own blend of funk, house and tech to create unique and unforgettable productions.

‘Futurism Vol 1’ is a master class in production. Lead track, ‘Bounce’ is propelled by a raw and muscular rhythm, pushing a sinister bass and quirky vocal hook. ‘Seriously’ twists and turns between atmospheric breakdowns and ‘that’ trademark bass; whilst ‘Dance To The Death’ oozes analogue with its heavy bass and clever vocal lick.

‘Futurism Vol 1’ is just the start of Bellavoid’s journey into the future of house and is set to leave its mark for this new rising artist.