Best Tracks to Gamble With…


Best Tracks to Gamble With…

It is a well-known fact that every minor detail included in a casino is decided by professionals and in some cases even psychologists. The same thing can be said about music that is played inside as well as outside of the gaming halls.

For the last couple of years, the dance world is associated with gambling due to Sin City – Las Vegas. And we are not only taking into account the tracks that are played around poker, blackjack, or Baccara tables but also at pool parties and nightclubs that slowly turn casinos into a music Mecca.

Owners of the most modern prestigious and luxurious casinos have a tendency to hire popular DJs that create special tunes for every new event, thus attracting more and more guests. Sometimes, these tracks can be even heard when playing roulette or various slot machines and it brings the feeling of euphoria and soon-to-hit jackpot.

Speaking of virtual casino websites that are in such a great demand, they also use various tracks to make the gaming process more exciting and thrilling. Just imagine getting a free online casino bonus and hearing some cool track at that same time. Also, music helps to cope with losses and celebrate wins.

Lady Gaga and “Poker Face”

There are many popular and interesting games in gambling houses, e.g. blackjack, poker, roulette, Baccara, etc. But some of them suddenly become extremely popular because a famous singer has sung about them and the song can be heard literally everywhere: on TV, radio, online, etc. One of such tracks is “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. The original track is amazing enough, nevertheless, it was remixed hundreds of times so that it is suitable for casino clubs.

Dave Audé, a well-known house DJ, has remixed Gaga’s “Poker Face” into a track that lasts for 8 minutes. He made the introduction longer, thus bringing the song to a natural crescendo. To some people it might seem a little bit too long but for clubs it is just perfect. So, if you are a keen gambler then this track is definitely worth your attention.

Calvin Harris/Alesso and “Under control”

As you know, this particular song that was released in 2014, has nothing to do with casinos or gambling at all. But even despite this fact, it became #1 among the top Las Vegas tunes and now can be heard in many gambling houses.

“Under control” is a wonderful song in term of players’ emotional security. It is like a mantra that helps all gamblers (no matter what they play) to stay in control of their emotions and feelings in times of losses and big wins. This track is a reminder that control over emotions is the main key to success.

Listening to the song, one notices that the melody goes up and down exactly like it happens during the game, meaning that one should keep calm to avoid wrong decisions and mistakes. This song evokes positive emotions and leads to the consequent wins.