Bestival Announces 2015 Theme


Bestival Announces 2015 Theme

“Hear this as the first of the whispers… the festival returns to its roots. A salute to the original muses: Music, Freedom, Peace, Love and Euphoria. In the year 2015, Bestival acknowledges its ancestry with the theme, ‘Bestival’s Summer of Love’.

“At the zenith of the season, Bestival invites you to join the great revival, lose your inhibitions and join our gathering of the peoples. Reject the hum-drum, the material and the system! Come to the island, and for a weekend, take heart in the art, the ideals and the madness.

“Turn on, tune in, peace out”.

Rob da Bank says: “Our theme for 2015 is the Summer of Love… it’s a simple theme and hopefully one that’s easy to embrace. It’s largely a positive reaction to all the bad news and downright evil going on in the world. We’re not hiding our heads in the sand and pretending everything’s rosy and laid-back but we can, as a big family of 50,000 people, come together, listen to music, party and spread love, even if it’s just for the weekend. That has always been at the heart of Bestival and its year-round community. Hate out, love in!”

We just couldn’t help ourselves. The unadulterated disco vibes of last year’s spectacular Bestival stirred something deep inside us, reconnected us to our purpose, and stoked the flames of our burning passion; we know now that in essence, we’re here for the love. The love of the music, the love of the adventure, the love of the unexpected, but most of all, it’s the purest love – the love of the party. From the 10th-13th September, we’re taking our Robin Hill adventures on the Isle of Wight back to the one simple thing that started our crazy story – this year it’s all about Bestival’s Summer of Love.

We’re not just talking about bell-bottomed hippies with flowers in their hair, or red-jeaned ravers circumnavigating the M25. It’s deeper and wider, and even longer than that. It’s about positivity, peace & love, and bananas not guns. We want all people, all sexes, all ages, all cultures to come together and to share the good times, to celebrate the simple joy of unity, to feel the unparalleled pleasures of dancing shoulder to shoulder with wonderful strangers and loving every second. We want the greatest party of all time. And we know you do, too.
Tickets for Bestival’s Summer of Love go on sale at 10am on Thursday 12th February, when we’ll be announcing our first wave of lovely acts, including two headliners. So, whatever you do, don’t miss out, join our accord and feel the love!

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Adult Ticket £195.00
Student Ticket £185.00
Teen (13-17) Ticket £130.00
Child (12 & under) Ticket Free (BUT you MUST obtain a ticket)
Campervan Ticket £92.50
Adult Wild Copse Ticket £325.00
Teen Wild Copse Ticket £165.00
Caravan £105.00
Car Park £15.00
All Tickets:
– will incur a booking fee.
– incur a £1 donation to the Isle Of Wight Youth Trust*.
There are no Day Tickets.

*This year we are adding on a £1 charity donation onto all Bestival tickets. The money raised will go directly to the Isle Of Wight Youth Trust (Reg Charity no. 1087163) to help fund their fantastic work offering counselling and support to young people aged 25 and under on the Isle of Wight. The Bestival Foundation is also a proud supporter of the Youth Trust.