Beyond The Turntable: Haw Technology Is Changing DJing


Beyond The Turntable: Haw Technology Is Changing DJing

Beyond The Turntable: How Tech Is Changing DJing« is a new video feature by Telekom Electronic Beats available on its YouTube channel. In it, renowned artists such as Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien, Laurent Garnier, Steffi, Daniel Miller and Kristian Beyer explain how the rapid development of new technology is altering the very DNA of what it means to DJ. Through personal anecdotes and experiences, they discuss the positives and negatives of these tech- fueled changes.

How is the interaction between the DJ and the audience changing? Noted techno pioneer and futurist, Richie Hawtin, explains that the convenience of technology has freed him to explore his live artistic process in a much deeper way akin to bringing the production studio to the stage. But as technology plays a growing role, how can a human element be kept in DJing? Is this even desirable or important for the overall experience on the dance floor? In some cases, manipulation of music is not beneficial. Ellen Allien, on the other hand, believes that DJing isn't always about technique, she says that in many cases tracks are better left alone to unfold over a long duration. You don't need advanced technology for that. 

These days, technology has made it possible for anyone to have instant access to DJ techniques that previously required years of practice to perfect. What effect does this low barrier to entry have on DJ culture? How have DJ software, controllers and media players changed the way that people play? In addition, there is also the question of the role that artificial intelligence and algorithms will play in the future — could they make the very concept of a human DJ obsolete?

The video touches on all of the questions above. And it does so in an informative way that offers multiple perspectives on the past, present and future of DJ technology. To be released on Sept 11. Feel free to spread the video. Secret Link:

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