Greg Pidcock - Big Bump EP


Greg Pidcock - Big Bump EP

Late October will see the Leftroom’s Limited sub-label return with Greg Pidcock’s ‘Big Bump’ EP, featuring a remix from Andre Salmon.

Over the past few years up and coming artist Greg Pidcock has been gradually unveiling his music through some of the leading labels in contemporary house music, namely Hot Creations where his ‘Blame Game’ release set the tone for what was to come and soon after found himself on Culprit, Get Physical and Saved Records. Here we see Pidcock adding yet another driving force to his affiliations in the shape of Leftroom, with this new EP for the label limited spin off.

‘Big Bump’ kicks off the package and sees Pidcock deliver a dropped tempo, Disco-tinged number led by filtered guitar licks and bumpy bass hits alongside wandering synth swells and sultry vocal licks. Ecuadorian producer and DJ Andre Salmon then steps up to rework ‘Big Bump’ next, delivering a more subtle stripped-back rendition with sparse percussive hits and heavily processed snippets from the original cut.

Lastly ‘Little Bump’ completes the package with a darker feel, fusing reversed atmospheric sweeps and expansive synth shots with an infectious bass lick and tight shuffling percussion.

Greg Pidcock’s ‘Big Bump’ EP is out on Leftroom Limited 31st October 2016.

Big Bump
Big Bump (Andre Salmon Remix)
Little Bump