Brand New Logic Courses Website


Brand New Logic Courses Website

Producertech are pleased to announce the release of our fully-updated, world class Logic Pro courses website. Continuing to push the envelope in the field of online music education, our brand new website is built around the latest Flowplayer video streaming technology. This has enabled us to create an efficient and user friendly online learning environment for students of all ages and abilities, compatible with the full range of Apple, Windows and Android devices.

Our updated core courses teach all the ins and outs of Logic Pro, including powerful new version X features like flex-pitch editing and the arpeggiator, all with demonstrations of what you can create with your new skills. Throughout the modules, all of which come with detailed written notes, the focus is always on equipping the student with the ability to create professional sounding music. Also available is our new Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments, which draws from the Beginners and Advanced Complete courses to teach you the fundamentals of synthesis and sampling before giving detailed instruction about all of Logic Pro’s bundled instruments.

For users wanting to learn particular styles, Producertech are excited to be working with professional producers like FracTroniX, Andy Lee and Dale Anderson, who have packaged their wealth of knowledge and experience into courses on Dubstep and House production. Currently in the works are new courses which will be set fully in Logic Pro X.

The foundation of this new site is the latest version of Flowplayer, a fully featured video player. With this implementation, it is now possible to break down longer lectures in to bite-sized chunks, immediately accessible, enabling students to watch and re-watch excerpts focusing on particular techniques – without having to search through full length lectures to find specific information. Students can still choose to watch lectures in full, which Flowplayer will seamlessly stream to your computer. To demonstrate the flexibility of the Flowplayer video streaming technology, we have created a short video which can be accessed here:

When it comes to video lessons, seeing really is believing – so check out our new site today, complete with brand new sample modules to give you a taste of lesson style, teaching and the quality of information available, by heading to the site at: