David Penn & KPD - Brothers & Sisters


David Penn & KPD - Brothers & Sisters

The all-Spanish duo David Penn & KPD are no strangers to some of the planet's best labels including Defected, DVine, KMS, Stereo and much more. As the festive period commences they drop a pure party pumper worthy of your attention.

The Original Mix of 'Brothers & Sisters' blends the skills of two of the hottest house producers and all round dudes in dance music. They turn in a disco fuelled house gem, filled full of retro funk vibes. An essential slice of house, this delivers on every level. 

On the flip KPD strips it back with a solid groove, rolling bass line and the vibe goes all retro jazz funk on yo ass with awesome results.

As David Penn explains: “We love to work together, KPD really likes the old school music but he didn´t live in that time, so in the studio, we love to leave our minds to create something with that vibe but with a recent sound. I played the track in some of my shows and when the vocal “Brothers” come the first time, hands going up immediately!!!!

Now where’s the party at?!

David Penn & KPD ‘Brothers & Sisters’ is released on 28.11.16 on Urbana Recordings