Bvaltik – Aprile’s Guitar


Bvaltik – Aprile’s Guitar

Bvaltik is a young romanian we had already signed as a remixer. This time, he comes back to Bluelephant Records with his own Ep.
Time spent and he shows what he can do for our great pleasure.

2 originals mix, 2 atmospheres :

From the outset, Aprile’s magic produces its best effect. We are bewitched by the guitar and its endlessly loop; a trumpet from another world comes to be added to the melody.
This love’s ode attracts us, we feel enjoyment, a sense of well-being and it’s difficult to stay ready.

With its loud bass, Guitar succeeds to the chill of Aprile.
Here is the time to show you are alive; massive and scathing drums gives the rhythm.

2 remixes, 2 performances :

Size Pier, a french new talent, decided to lays an alternative to Aprile.
He keeps the central figure, transforms sceneries and takes us in the middle of nowhere.

Sebastian Eric, as for him, creates a techno version of Guitar, where blending delays, echos and an incredible shaker.