Goeran Meyer - Concrete Surface


Goeran Meyer - Concrete Surface

2018 was a strong year for German label MYR that saw it release music from a string of class artists, and now 2019 starts in similarly strong fashion with a new EP from label boss Goeran Meyer.

Goeran’s approach to his music always starts with a journey, the context of how the sounds unfold is as important as the music itself as he transports you through an ever- changing landscape of musical sculptures. He is a man of exceptional studio craft and that shines through on both these cuts.

Featuring a gorgeous cinematic soundscape, the first track ‘People Walk Through’ evolves and winds down a road of gradual percussion with its rolling presence constantly being lifted through dark vocal stabs and a warm, growing bassline. It is deep and emotive house music of the highest order.

Closing the EP in style is ‘Our Lives’, an energy infused but classy floor filler with punchy, warm drum progressions layered with dripping analogue synth stabs that lift and build throughout the track. It is a scintillating journey that is carefully layered and perfectly executed.

This is the start of a great run of releases that are sure to make MYR one of the most vital labels of the year.


1. People Walk Through
2. Our Lives