Curated. welcomes Denver-based Ross Kiser with his ‘Under The Light’ EP.

Curated. welcomes Denver-based Ross Kiser with his ‘Under The Light’ EP.

Boasting an impressive label catalogue between Denver’s Ross Kiser and UNCANNY label boss Juliche Hernandez, including Bondage Music, MicroHertz and many others, ‘Under The Light’ continues an impressive introduction to the label, filled with rich analogue sounds and deepened grooves throughout.

The title track ‘Under The Light’ opens the release with a late-night touch, bringing punchy beats, velvety Rhodes and vivid pads. It’s filled with resonant tones and a pleasant swing – with subtle vocal licks and playful percussive fills from start to finish.

‘No Talking, Just Listening’ follows, delivering more basement vibes from the outset. Loosened drums and rhythmic sub-bass drive the track forwards amongst an array of spacey melodic layers, vox chops and tonal percussion to carve out another harmony-focused underground jam with tonnes of character.

Juliche Hernandez comes next with his remix of ‘No Talking, Just Listening’, serving up an impressive spin on the original. Filled with funky slaps and bumpy grooves from the off, it comes with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes and moving to a sea of head-turning creative elements cleverly placed within the mix.

Kiser rounds off the release with ‘Timelapse’, completing a profound package of deep and minimal delights. Another stripped-back beat construction paves the way for more instrumental prowess via sonorous pads and swinging synth lines, encompassing serious afterparty sunrise vibes from the off.

Ross Kiser’s ‘Under The Light’ EP is out now on Curated.

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