Czech Duo Bratři release Single ‘Neon’ with a very special guest

Czech Duo Bratři release Single ‘Neon’ with a very special guest

Get ready to have your electronic music expectations shattered. Czech twin sensations Bratři have released ‘Neon’, a single that promises to redefine their signature sound and set the stage for a live performance that will reimagine the very concept of a concert experience. ‘Neon’, having dropped March 15, 2024, is more than just a new track – it’s the eagerly awaited first taste of Bratři’s upcoming album and a sneak peek into their revolutionary new show.

Prepare to be amazed by Bratři’s innovative approach to blending technology and nature. In a move that’s sure to captivate audiences, they’ll be performing with Ayra, a live plant connected to their modular synthesizer. As Ayra’s energy flows through the system, it will generate unique sounds, creating an immersive audiovisual experience that celebrates the connection between music and the natural world.

But Bratři’s revolution doesn’t stop there. Their collaboration with the Revelland project has led to a new live show that prioritizes accessibility and inclusion. With features like immersive visuals, live camera feeds, and storytelling projections, their performances will be truly multi-sensory experiences that invite everyone to join in the sonic journey.

‘Neon’ is available on all major platforms. Mark your calendars for Bratři’s live experience starting April 6.



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