Kyra Gordon Releases Anthemic “Burn It Down”

Kyra Gordon Releases Anthemic “Burn It Down”

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Kyra Gordon is back with her latest track, the fiery and passionate “Burn It Down,” released through Starita Records. Her Americana twang is aptly titled, a tapestry of numerous musical inspirations woven together. Country, folk, and rock shine throughout, creating Gordon’s unique dimensionality as she sings a tale of freedom from a troubling relationship, an anthem for the modern day, trailblazing woman. There is a hint of Miranda Lambert in her war cry, her vocals raw and soulful as she sings her own vindication. It is just a taste of her new era, an upcoming EP  ‘Traveler’ scheduled for release in June 2024. 


Gordon has been making her name in singer/songwriter circles for years, earning a loyal and mesmerized following. At the core of her work is her storytelling abilities. A background in acting makes this perfect, especially during live performances; she has an ability to take a story, even if it isn’t her own, and turn it into a melodic play. Kyra’s “House Concert” performances are an immersive, impromptu mix of singing, spoken narratives, and keyboard work. Her debut album, ‘Soul Of A Showgirl,’ received acclaim for its incisive lyrics and beguiling melodies.


“Burn It Down” is a slight sonic departure from Gordon’s previous works, a move away from jazz-focused roots and into a more alternative country wheelhouse. Here, she is embracing one of the many themes beloved in the genre: heartbreak. Yet she presents it with a twist – a tale of a woman scorned, who rises above the ashes. Gordon was inspired by the divorces of many of her close friends, and wanted to offer them a soundtrack to their courage. It flips the “revenge country song” trope on its head.


She explains, “Rachel (Efron, producer) and I talked a lot about the evolution of this song, and it took me a while to find the right balance in the lyrics of anger, grief, and determination. We started talking about the genre of country revenge songs, and that helped me realize that I didn’t want the character in the song to be just angry at ‘him,’ but that she was in a real state of determination and rebirth as well, and that felt really important to me.”


Rachel Efron (Arden Alexa, David Hobbes and Norzin Chomphel) was the perfect producer for ‘Traveler,’ returning from her work on ‘Soul Of A Showgirl’ with a fresh perspective and more lived experience. This allowed the duo to expand Gordon’s strengths, highlighting her vocal range with this lead single and giving her a rockier edge. Recording sessions included push-up breaks, and listening to grittier musical inspirations such as Brandi Carlile and Courtney Love. 


‘Burn It Down’ was more aggressive than anything we’d done before,” Efron shares. “It meant she got to explore a new vocal approach — direct and unprettied. She killed it! I love how Kyra’s fighting spirit and sweet heart comes through in this song.” It is perfectly produced, a blend of “chimey” guitars and differentiating beats, everything working together to give Gordon’s voice the spotlight. When she sings the chorus, “Burn it down, burn it down, in my own wedding gown, open eyes, still alive, blood and bone,” it is impossible to not get swept up with emotion. 


“This anthem is for women who’ve decided they deserve more, even if it means giving it to themselves,” Efron emphasizes. “I hope after they listen to this song, they feel their power.”





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