Danish trio AV AV AV Reveal ‘No Statues’ Video, From Incoming Debut Album

Danish trio AV AV AV Reveal ‘No Statues’ Video, From Incoming Debut Album

Danish trio AV AV AV release their new single “No Statues” and announce the release of their long-awaited debut album…

‘No Statues’ defines a new musical direction for AV AV AV and opens up a harder sound than has previously been heard from the electronic trio. The track also comes accompanied by a gripping video directed by award-winning filmmaker and band member Martin Skovbjerg. Watch here…

“No Statues” establishes a musical change, which on the upcoming album is expressed in a diversity and a variation of sound on every track. The more aggressive sound on “No Statues” arises from a musical inspiration from each of the three members…

“We will soon be launching our debut album. This is the first time that we have had the possibility to create such a big and coherent work. This means that we need to break new ground and put more thought into the music than we have before. “No Statues” is clearly the hardest track we have ever made, and it defines the theme on the album that varies in style. There are also tracks that are more similar to what we have done before. As a collective it is clear that we’re now in a different place musically than when we started out in 2014.”

“No Statues” is more hip-hop inspired than previous tracks from AV AV AV. The band, consisting of ELOQ, Unkwon and DJ E.D.D.E.H works as a collective group where everyone’s musical references are thrown into the pot. When “No Statues” was created there was no doubt that this was the essence of the debut album they wanted to create; a project that is not subject to predefined perceptions of who AV AV AV are.

AV AV AV started off as a friendship project five years ago. Much has happened to the group since, and “No Statues” symbolises the beginning of something new from the trio. AV AV AV has reached a point where they have a need to say something about the world they live in. AV AV AV is not just for fun anymore.



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