Deardrums - Deardrums EP2


Deardrums - Deardrums EP2

Brooklyn label 2MR enlist the services of accomplished Italian duo Deardrums for their next EP. It is the second from them on this label, features three standout originals from Bottin and Leo di Angilla and is made with a serious array of hardware gear.

Drawing on elements of pre-Hispanic cultures and pseudo-African rhythms, this newly united Italian studio pair are really hands on when it comes to making music: they play their machines and bash their toys with great skill and invention and as such their sounds are raw, visceral and unique.

The brilliantly bespoke ‘Dum Dum’ is fully of trippy jungle heat, with a tough drum riff and cooing vocals all mixed together with wooden percussive hits and frazzled synth lines. It is stuffed with neo-tribal sounds from deep within nature and makes for a terrific opening.

‘Mami Wata’ makes use of acoustic percussion to create a lovably idiosyncratic, poly-rhythmic drum track straight from some ancient tribe.  Layered up and increasingly pressurised, the loose drums make for physical listening and recall the work of Shackleton, amongst others, whilst thick bass really adds to the sense of presence. This track appears exclusively on this EP and won’t be available on the forthcoming album or anywhere else.

The last cut is ‘Into Darkness’ and is a whacked out, machine made and mechanical rhythm that lays its bare bones out for all to see. Incessant hits, micro-funky keys and paddy kicks all add up to one of the freshest and most original basement tracks you will hear this year.

This is a truly off kilter and inventive EP full of truly standout groove, textures and moods.

1. Dum Dum
2. Mami Wata
3. Into Darkness