Deepjack & Mr. Nu – Crush EP


Deepjack & Mr. Nu – Crush EP

Set to be released on the 9th of March, 2015 ‘Crash’ is the latest collaboration between Turkish DJ and Producer Deepjack and French born multi-talented artist Mr.Nu, delivering a fresh, new take on a classic track. An EP comprised of Deepjack’s and Mr.Nu’s original mix and four remixes by international talents, this project is set to solidify this tandem and place them on the charts. Both have an eclectic mix of backgrounds and experience, which when joined together create a unique blend of sounds and styles.

Mehmet Kurudere, better known as Deepjack is a soulful House music ambassador, operating within the Indie Dance, Nu Disco and Deep House realms. His expressive approach has landed him deals with top labels including: Diamond Clash, Hator Records, Crossworld Academy, Dirty Kitchen Music, Natural Highs Records, Sound Business Records, and Intech Records. On the other hand Mr.Nu started out with dancing before venturing into the electronic music world. Being heavily influenced by the likes of: Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, Simply Red, Kool The Gang, and Paul Abdul, Mr.Nu has featured at various parties, events, and radio shows apart from multiple music chart appearances. ‘Crash’ would not be complete without the exceptional vocal rendition of Bulgarian singer Veselina Popova. Starting her career as a TV singer on popular shows such as ‘Music Idol’ and The Ivan and Andrey Show’, Veselina Popova has seen her status grow within a few years. After exploring the Pop scene, the talented singer and songwriter has established herself within the House music world, featuring in huge international projects such as Anton Ishutin’s and Saccao’s ‘I Want’.

Already enjoying the support of: Animal Trainer, Vanilla Ace, Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, L.O.O.P., Saccao, Anturage, Haze-M, Blondee, Dj Runo, Fapples, Inner Rebels, and Gab Rhome, this remake of ‘Crush’ is heading towards chart-topping potential. The original mix kicks off with a no-nonsense drum groove and pitch shifting synth chords. The introduction of the guitar riff gives a funky feel to the tune, whilst Veselina Popova’s silky voice marks Deepjack and Mr.Nu’s signature soul touch. The bass-line adds another layer of depth to the single, creating a perfect accompaniment for the vocal melodies. Whilst the DJ duo take control of the dynamic levels and groove within the track, Veselina Popova leads the catchy melodic elements with her astounding, smooth voice. A number of effects and colours such as the tambourine and triangle provide subtle additions that lift the production into another dimension. The original mix is definitely characterised by an infectious groove and catchy vocals, providing a top-notch foundation for the other producers to build their remixes.

First up with his remix is Budapest-based artist Kovary. Sharing decks with elite DJs across Europe and supporting global artists such as: Kasabian, Massive Attack, and Duran Duran, this award winning DJ and producer is bringing all of his talents and experience to the table. Whilst feeding off the contagious groove and bass depth set in the original mix, Kovary starts his remix with an elevated level of funk aura. The distinctive old-school synth sounds and effects together with the disco infused drums, give a retro side to the track, whilst embellishing it with modern vocals. The second remix on this EP is the work of Greek-French tandem Liva K and Maxim Kurtys. Both synonymous names amongst big labels, this duo added a more House styled remix, putting a different sound into the mix. The use of acoustic piano distances this remix from the other productions, whilst at the same time providing a link with the funky guitar and deep bass elements within it. Whilst keeping true to the vocals, the processing is once again closer to the House genre.   

Adding to the international mix of DJs is Turkish duo Erdinc Erdogdu and Ali Arsan. Their remix immediately drive an electronic concept with harder sounds and reverb-infused vocals and effects. Driven by a deep-bass arrangement, this remix puts Veselina Popova’s vocals in the limelight with a minimalistic production in the chorus, offering another diverse alternative to the rest of the tracks. Last but not least, the EP ends with an effort by Abu Dhabi music export Moe Turk. Featuring a prominent House drum groove and sub-frequency bass melodies, this remix is yet again a divergent alternative to the original mix. The prominent pitch shifting and filtering on the vocals, gives another dimension to the song. Apart from using the vocals to lead the melody, Moe Turk gives a rhythmic and effect role to Veselina Popova’s rendition, once again showing the immense versatility contained within this five-track project.    

LoveStyle Records is the imprint behind this ambitious project. The brainchild of OneIIOne, Legendary Boy, and Bo-Cash, this Hungarian label is a Nu Disco, Deep House, and House specialist, making it the perfect home for Deepjack’s and Mr.Nu’s latest production. With an eye for quality music and up-coming talent, LoveStyle Records has managed to build an international roster including names such as: Andre Salmon, Andrew C., Anturage, Aytak Kart, Carlo Runia, Chris C., Dancaless, Dayne S, Dean Kenny, Fake That, Fraser Owen, Haze-M, Jeff Button, Lessovsky, and Lou Van amongst many others. ‘Crash’ will surely be another benchmark record for this label, which is quickly growing into a respected authority within its field.