Deetron Announces Debut EP On Gerd Janson’s ‘Running Back Records’

Deetron Announces Debut EP On Gerd Janson’s ‘Running Back Records’

Deetron’s debut EP for Running Back is an amalgamation of some of the key virtues of both parties involved: the evocative and glorious power of the early days of rave (see cover art for further reference), emotional house, melodious techno, a beatless beauty and a firmly polished dance floor. Over the years, the Swiss producer has proven that his skill set and philosophy (underpinned by his mastery of the DJ trade) is perfect for such a mixture.

“The sound aesthetic has been inspired by quiet storm soul records, drawing on influences from the euphoric and pioneering vibe of raves in the early 90’s” Deetron\

The EP’s title track is the result of an extensive research in quiet storm soul records and their influence on traditional house music. ‘T-Symmetry’ and ‘TXT’ make extensive use of Roland’s classic JX-8P synthesizer with very different outcomes and the certainty that the idea trumps the tools. Euphoric UK breakbeat pianos and Detroit techno soul can be made with the same mind and machine as well as in any time or place. A record full of fun, finesse and fantasy. Deetron, we salute you!

Track list:

  1. Body Electric
  2. T – Symmetry
  3. TXT
  4. TXT (Beatless)

Deetron ‘Body Electric’ EP will be released 28th June via ‘Running Back’ Records

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