Dipha Barus Drops ‘Flower’ with Jackie Castro, Out Now

Dipha Barus Drops ‘Flower’ with Jackie Castro, Out Now

Dipha Barus, one of Indonesia’s most prolific musical minds, has returned to the release radar for his second musical offering of the year, ‘Flower’ with up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter, Jackie Castro. Having released electronic music since 2015, the Eastern talent is well established in the community, and his latest can be streamed via Ultra Music now.



Immediately catching the attention of the listener, ‘Flower’ opens with a jubilant and glittering soundscape. With both pop and dance music sensibilities shining throughout the duration of the track, Jackie Castro’s resonating vocals effortlessly complement the uplifting production. Bridging the gap between deep house and electro-pop, Dipha Barus highlights his versatile studio prowess in this latest offering. Serving as an ode to personal growth and self discovery, ‘Flower’ is a feel-good tune that doesn’t adhere to the confines of one specific genre.


‘I met Jackie back in LA when I was at Ultra’s studio. We met, vibed and spontaneously jammed together. “Flower” is a song about growing and glowing… it’s an appreciation song for a person who has supported another person through their growing process… through thick and thin as the process is never a pretty one. It’s about patience, compassion and being there for the person during the whole process, unconditionally. It’s been a crazy ride working on this song during these strange times, but we did it! So excited to finally get it out there.’  
– Dipha Barus
‘We wrote this song during a period of time when I was working on becoming a better partner to the person I love. It’s about that season of growing pains when you’re dealing with your insecurities and flaws, and as a result you start taking out your unhappiness on the person closest to you. But because they love you and believe in the person you’re going to become, they’re there for you during that whole season, pushing you to be the best version of yourself and being patient with you during your growth. They’re willing to stand in the rain until you flower into the person they always knew you could be.’
– Jackie Castro
Producer, composer, and DJ, Dipha Barus, has made quite the name for himself in the realm of dance music with an impressive discography under his belt. His 2016 hit, ‘No One Can Stop Us’ with Kallula received global recognition and has amassed well over 10 million streams to-date. That same year, Dipha Barus was awarded multiple Indonesian dance music awards including ‘Best Electronic Song’, ‘Best Production’ and more. In 2019, he was signed to Ultra Music and quickly released his debut offering, ‘You Move Me’ with Monica Karina.  Additionally, the Indonesian producer joined forces with CADE on bubbly single ‘DOWN’ last year. With a debut album currently in the works, Dipha Barus provides an exhilarating glimpse of what’s to come with his new single ‘Flower’.



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