Ariana and the Rose - Dirty Dancing


Ariana and the Rose - Dirty Dancing

Ariana and the Rose has a stellar knack for weaving art into our everyday lives. Based on and inspired by New York and London, you can be certain that her form of avant-pop channels the fantastic, the otherworldly, and the heartfelt.

With a narcotic brand of left field pop that's as hooky as it is intriguing, wrapped up in a whip-smart artistic package, her new double-a side release comprising of ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ are a diverse pairing of innovative yet heartfelt synth anthems, created in close collaboration with London-based producer Tom Fuller (Patrick Wolf, Will Joseph Cook).

Ariana’s music channels astral-plane discotheques and cosmic glitter: a groovy transmission of left field synth-pop with an electronic hue that fuses the old with the new. While touring across the UK and the US supporting artists such as Jack Garratt, Wolf Gang, and Foxes, Ariana has been working on music that truly represents herself.
Introductory track ‘Give Up The Ghost’ was unleashed online and formed the perfect re-installation to Ariana’s gloriously colourful and shimmering eclectic sound.

With her audio-visual approach to creativity, she's an artist who is as active behind the scenes as in front of the camera, a trait which stands her in good stead as she prepares to unveil her new EP to the world and cement her as being one of the hotly tipped favourites to win over tastemakers and mainstream music media alike.
Transport yourself to Ariana’s universe to shed your worries and your timidity. Leave the night inspired by the optimism and clarity that her songs bring.