DJ Sotofett plays all night long at The Nest…


DJ Sotofett plays all night long at The Nest…

We are extremely privileged to welcome Sex Tags Mania boss DJ Sotofett to The Nest for an all night long session on Saturday 5th November.

The strange and wonderful world of Sotofett and his brother Fett Burger’s Norwegian imprint may not make much sense to outsiders but has one of the most devout cult followings in the scene and for very good reason.

The enigmatic producer is at the top of his game right now – a constant collaborator, Sotofett's output is prolific to say the least. With an LP out on West London's Honest Jon's imprint in 2015 as well as a slew of seven, ten and twelve inches this year, he's making his mark on dance music at every turn and garnering fans to his dynamic sound along the way.

This November, DJ Sotofett holds down The Nest's Dalston basement for six solid hours, weaving through jazz, afro, funk with a pinch of reggae & blues, as well as disco and real house music – of course with essential Finnish and Norwegian classics – released and unreleased.