D’melo releases atmospheric single Come To Party, amidst new EP

D’melo releases atmospheric single Come To Party, amidst new EP

D’melo is an exciting artist proudly hailing from East London. He talks about his love for urban pop, with thanks to his Nigerian parents. After debuting with Vibe, his second effort, Come To Party, shows sophisticated progression as an artist.

D’melo is a dynamic musician who aims to amalgamate his Nigerian roots with his UK upbringing. He describes his youth fondly, filled with mischevious tales that contributed to the individual he is today. His musical curiosity started by stealing his older brothers lyrics from his ‘rap diaries’ and memorising them for playground battles. The classroom allowed him to experiment with songwriting and gave D’melo the confidence to pursue music professionally. His first release, Vibe, was a vibrant track that boasted evocative lyrics and impressive layers of melodic harmony support.

As D’melo’s second release, Come to Party is delivered as part of his debut EP.  The five-track body of work hold more energetic appeal than D’melo has revealed previously, alongside playful electronic elements. Come to Party embraces modern infusion of r&b and pop, with dynamic transitions and an assortment of deliciously warped vocals.

D’melo says: “A fantastic blend of Urban Pop & afrocentric elements that has a strong distinction of my London roots



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