Various Artists - Dub For Helly


Various Artists - Dub For Helly

Lars Helbig aka Helly Larson – Dub Techno and Deep House artists – needs our help. Born near Dresden and now living in Cologne, Helly was diagnosed 6 Months ago with brain cancer. His last chance to win the fight is to go to a private clinic, which costs around 30.000 EUR.

In addition to his crowdfunding campaign the community of artists around him has started this compilation to provide him with some good music, positive vibes and of course to help him to get the money he needs to survive.

Helly Larson has been producing music for more than 15 years now and contributed his releases to the people around the globe on labels like LucidFlow, Plastic City, Sofa Sessions, Etui Records and many more. Ibiza is a second home for him and his wife, where they play regular dj-sets at Ibiza Live Radio.

This compilation is a way to say THANK YOU HELLY AND STAY STRONG! All money goes to Helly Larson’s Brain Cancer Journey Fund. It's only available on deeptakt records bandcamp for 7,00 EUR. You can pay more if you want.

Ifihadahifi – Stasis
S_EncE – Change Of Perspective
Asphalt Layer – The Sound Of Night
Dave Marian – Black Dust
Basicnoise – Immersion
Insect O . – Helly Del Mar
Narcotic 303 – Ghost In The Machine
Planetary Secrets – Exp1
Twin Peetz – Chaos Mechanics
Monomood – Resize
Matthias Springer – Tunnelbrigade
Dan Mad – Caleta Negra
Break SL – Deep Space 1 (ew2006)
Frank Hellmond – Belief
Raumakustik – Short Piece