EAUXMAR – Sundown

EAUXMAR – Sundown

The alarmingly young talent of EAUXMAR continues to surprise and delight with the release of his fourth track for STMPD RCRDS of 2019. ‘Sundown’ is a different flavour from his previous material, showing that he has diversity and depth to back up his immense production skills.

Those trademark chugging, heavily-swung EAUXMAR beats kick the track into life, but the distorted, filtered, slightly spooky synths that lurk suggest something different is to come. Graceful female vocals build a light mood above airy pads, but when those spooky synths return and the vocal takes a moodier tone, the gears shift. In blasts a monstrous lead riff that owes more to the electro sound than the sweetEAUXMAR sound we know, with a big, industrious reverb giving it a larger-than-life feeling. The vocals contrast beautifully with its rugged tone, and cute pitched-up vocal cuts echo around the soundscape to provide a lighter touch.

Those chipmunk vocal cuts continue to create the atmospheric feel as the beats drop out and the tension rises. This stripped-back section only serves to make the return of the lead riff more powerful still. It’s another majestic production from EAUXMAR with a classy vocal that compliments his sounds perfectly. Can we get an album please?

EAUXMAR ‘Sundown’ is released via STMPD RCRDS on Friday 3 May.

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