Patrick Chardronnet - Echochamber


Patrick Chardronnet - Echochamber

Early support from Joris Voorn, Max Cooper, Gene Farris, Davide Squillace, Roy Rosenfeld, Ramon Tapia, Rude Hagelstein, Frankey & Sandrino, Just Her, Detlef, Raw District, Gel Abril

This month Rural Records welcomes one of his favourites artists from the decade : Patrick Chardronnet.

Patrick has been making waves throughout the electronic music scene for over a decade with releases on some of the biggest underground labels in the business, such as Suara, Poker Flat Recordings and Crosstown Rebels to name only a few.

His latest E.P “Echochamber” is being released on Rural Records including one original and three remixes by Someone Else (Little Helpers, Tuning Spork), Manuel Sahagun (Off, Mother), Empty Shelter (Krad, We are the underground) & Rural main man, Christ Burstein (Bar 25, Natura Viva).

The first track on the E.P is Patrick’s original “Echochamber”; it is deep, moody and patient. A full kick and bassline share a constant groove whilst atmospheric howls and glitch effects sound from time to time. This track is a stripped back deep techno cruiser and great for warming up a set.

Track number two is a remix by Philadelphia’s Someone Else; this rendition is has a more tech-house feel, with a heavier kick and more prominent bass. Whilst Someone Else has kept some of the original noises and effects, he has reworked them and added his own unique flair to the track.

The third remix was completed by Argentina’s Manuel Sahagun has a much more pronounced groove, the bassline is bumpier and there is more percussion. Reverbed stabs and heavy siren like stab add tension to a track that is constantly building.

The last track on the release is a remix that has been put together by Christ Burstein & Empty Shelter. A deep tech version, dark, serious and hypnotic. This is a track that is well paced and when played at the right time will bring a lot of intensity to a set. Haunting synths float through the mid whilst glitchy hats and other effects control the highs. A deep dubby kick, feature reverbed stab and distant vocal finish off this production perfectly.